Residential Sales

At Daniel McAlister & Son, our aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with every aspect of our services offered.

As the leading Estate Agent in the Glens we offer on all property:

  • Brochure design and printing
  • Property valuation
  • Inclusion on our own website
  • Mortgage advice

We design every set of sales particulars ourselves,

so that your property's details will be unique.

  • Our Office
    Our Office

    We display our properties prominently in our office window as well as in the office itself. Having an office in the village means we are always here if you want to drop in and talk about the progress of your sale, or anything else to do with your property.

  • For Sale Boards
    For Sale Boards

    Our distinctive 'for sale' boards stand out and are instantly recognisable. We believe that a board really does help to sell a house, we don't insist that you have one (it's your home, after all) but we usually recommend that you do.

  • Video Tours
    Video Tours

    If you wish we can prepare a short video of your home which can then be viewed by applicants online. This is a great way of giving buyers a better 'feel' for your home, providing them with many more reasons to come and look. This extra information also ensures that the people who view are indeed the ones best suited to your home.

  • Accompanied Viewings
    Accompanied Viewings

    As trained sales people we are often best placed to show people around your home, particularly if you are out during the day or perhaps own an unoccupied property. Having said this, no one knows the benefits of your own home quite like you do, and you may be confident to show potential buyers around yourself

  • The Legal Process
    The Legal Process

    Once a sale is agreed, there is still quite a way to go before you can actually move. Your solicitor / licensed conveyancer will deal with the next stage for you. If you don't have one in mind, we can introduce you to local companies who we have a good professional working relationship with and will look after you through the entire legal process.

  • Floor plans
    Floor plans

    If you wish we can prepare floor plans for all our properties, because in our experience we've found that they really help potential buyers get a feel for your home and remember its layout. It's good for helping people work out where they'll put their furniture, and for helping them visualise ways of changing the space to suit their own individual needs.

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